Delhi is yet another metropolitan city, with wider roads and heavier traffic than Kolkata.

However, visiting the heritage sites of India was fascinating.

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What is Big Data?

Data from the digital world is unrelated, random, unorganized, enormous, and has tremendous potential!

Big Data analysis is that element which will help us to harness its power.

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Summer Stories: At Home

At home, it was the usual routine. The heat and the humidity induced inactivity and made me plod through the daily chores. The rooftop was a vent, if the temperature was bearable. In March, I learnt how to capture panoramic images with my camera. Rain and কাল বৈশাখী...

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Summer Stories: At hostel

The normal routine during my stay at hostel, when college wasn’t ongoing, constituted of sleep, baths (showers and swims), food, studying, listening to music, and wandering off after sundown.

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