Black And White

 Facebook's latest trend: The black and white photography challenge A person 'facing' the challenge has to upload five black and white photographs (taken by him/her) in a duration of five days. With each photograph, he has to tag another person, who will in turn post...

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Mac 1.0

It was created in 1984. I got it yesterday. It's brilliant! The first ever GUI based OS! It's pure genius! I got an emulator online users to run the first ever version of the Macintosh OS. And here's the amazing thing: it has all the basic features of our modern day...

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Creating Ebooks

When I had attempted to gain root access to my Sony Reader, I had damaged it (when I tried to modify a code via adb, after rooting). My friend Tanmoy fixed it for me. I wanted a customized calendar app, however, as you understand, that was no longer possible. However,...

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