What is Big Data?

Big Data

A baby enters the world. The baby has five senses, with which his/her brain gains information. A huge amount of random data enters his/her brain.

The baby tries to stand up, and falls, and repeats this process several times, after which he/she learns not just to stand up, but also to walk. The baby gathered the data, analysed the data, and finally, learnt from the data.

This is data analysis. (more…)

Creating Ebooks

When I had attempted to gain root access to my Sony Reader, I had damaged it (when I tried to modify a code via adb, after rooting). My friend Tanmoy fixed it for me. I wanted a customized calendar app, however, as you understand, that was no longer possible. However, in the process of creating an interactive ebook, I learnt a lot. I am now capable of creating ebooks in the EPUB format!

I primarily use Sigil, however, for a more professional creation, Adobe InDesign becomes very useful. Along with that, I utilize Adobe Photoshop to create graphics.

Quite recently, I created ebooks for two of my friends – Anish and Avirup – for converting their writings into a publishable format.

Adobe InDesign is a bit complicated and requires:

  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • 128 MB of VRAM
  • An (fast) internet connection
  • 1.6 GB of hard-disk space for installation, and more for other features

Sigil, however, is a much simpler, straight-forward software, and can be used to design standard EPUB format ebooks with CSS coding as well. I think, in the future, if I do make more ebooks, it will be in Sigil, especially because it puts less load on the computer hardware 🙂

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