Sillery Gaon

The first time I visited Sikkim was when I was an infant, and the only thing I remember is a certain type of road divider which I had first seen in Gangtok, and then in Kolkata, after which I used to keep on saying “Gangtok, Gangtok” whenever I saw those railing-dividers.

On the 21st of January, 2017, 17 students embarked on a magical (trust me, I don’t use this word lightly) journey to the eastern side of Sikkim. (more…)

Agra: The Mughal Capital

Fatehpur Sikri

When I looked at the ‘darwaza’, I felt as if the king was about to enter through it, riding a majestic horse, coming back victorious from a battle

– Dada

Dada (my grandfather) often told me about Fatehpur Sikri and its grandeur. Occasionally, I used to think that he was exaggerating, but his descriptions never failed to pique my interest about the city-fort. Akbar’s reign is perhaps one of the few sections of my history book that I loved reading and the prospect of visiting his kingdom’s blooming capital was very exciting. (more…)

Agra: The Fort

Agra Fort Featured Image

It was 2002. That’s when we first went on a long trip (before that, my memory was more volatile than it is now, so I don’t remember where we went before that). And that was when we had first visited Agra. But I only have faint memories of Taj Mahal from that trip.

Last year, although I yearned for mountains, Agra was something I was interested in exploring, especially for taking photos of the Taj Mahal from a certain location that my mother had told me about 🙂



New Delhi Featured Image

Delhi has been an intermediate point for a really long time. After 2002 (when I was seven years old), we have never stayed in Delhi for more than a few hours. Before planning this trip, my parents had some things in mind.

Duda always wanted to travel in the Rajdhani express (and it hadn’t happened for one reason or the other). Gunja’s interest in the Mughal architecture had piqued after studying about the era (as a part of the history course).

Hence, Delhi and Agra were chosen.


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