Summer Stories: At hostel

Jump into the pool!

Sadly, I’m not in this photo | Arpan Roy took this photograph

The summer of 2015 was very hot!

According to Google Now, the temperature went above 40 degrees on one particular day! During the study leave from the 1st of May, till the 14th, I stayed in my hostel, more or less. Walking from one place to another, inside or outside the campus would always be effective in soaking myself in sweat.


Common yet my own 2012

The year that left us…a common topic.
This was the most common topic in Facebook. Everyone posted their own collection of memories in Facebook through status updates, pictures, notes, etc. That’s why blogging is kind of useful to me. One thing I know for certain. My list might go too long, and no one will care to read through the entire post. That’s why blogging is much better. I can freely list myself here. Anyway, let’s move on… (more…)

My first experience on an airbus!

From our Kedarnath trip:

We were lucky enough to have a flight that was also a connector flight for those going abroad. Naturally, we got an airbus. Well, when I heard of the flight number, and came to know that it was an airbus, I wasn’t actually overjoyed. All I knew was that our airlines – Air India – would surely give us refreshments. (more…)

Music – The Soul Companion

This post is mainly to describe what music I like. My parents helped me develop a good taste of music since I was a child. I liked Rabindranath Tagore’s music, some Bengali bands’ music, and some English movies’ songs, including some serials. When I was studying in 8th grade, one of my best friends first introduced me to Western pop music, and also rock music. He gave me a pen drive full of such songs. Initially I liked most of them. In fact, they were outweighing my previous taste of music. I loved the rock songs of Linkin Park, then the soft rock music of the Eagles, songs of a band called Evanescence, and so on. And, in order to reveal the truth, I was a bit proud to hear and like such songs. This culture of music stayed on with me for 2 years. However, I had not completely stopped listening to Indian music, I still liked Rabindranath Tagore’s songs, and some other songs, but my taste had changed and I knew that. For some time, I began listening to songs of contemporary Bengalis, who actually experimented with various types of musical compositions. Their album was called ‘Back To The Future’.
Then, I had a drastic change. (more…)

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