Apple Macintosh OS  - 1984

It was created in 1984. I got it yesterday. It’s brilliant! The first ever GUI based OS! It’s pure genius! I got an emulator online users to run the first ever version of the Macintosh OS.

And here’s the amazing thing: it has all the basic features of our modern day OS. It’s black and white, lacks networking, and I am facing a problem to link it to my hardware (printers and stuff). However, I downloaded a few vintage games. As it turns out, in those days *.dsk files would run on the Mac. These ‘disk’ files stored a collection of softwares. Even in those days, the games were pretty advanced. The refresh rate was much lower, but that’s obvious.
Here’s something I found interesting. A few of my friends and myself included have made a few simple games in Java (although they made games that were much more advanced than mine). Even though I tried to eliminate the screen from flickering using a buffer technique my friend had suggested, the fps wasn’t enough. In those days, these problems were faced! 😀 I was playing the classic brick breaking game, and there I saw the flash.
It was really amazing to see the OS work. It even had a basic version of Windows Paint (the original mac version from which Windows got the idea, of course). All in all, I’m pretty excited to be using an OS from 1984.

Here’s a screenshot:

Apple Macintosh OS  - 1984

Apple Macintosh OS
– 1984



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